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ShlObj, ComObj, ActiveX, CommCtrl; type

PShellLinkInfoStruct = ^TShellLinkInfoStruct; TShellLinkInfoStruct = record

FullPathAndNameOfLinkFile: array

[0..MAX_PATH] of

Char; FullPathAndNameOfFileToExecute: array

[0..MAX_PATH] of

Char; ParamStringsOfFileToExecute: array

[0..MAX_PATH] of

Char; FullPathAndNameOfWorkingDirectroy: array

[0..MAX_PATH] of

Char; Description: array

[0..MAX_PATH] of

Char; FullPathAndNameOfFileContiningIcon: array

[0..MAX_PATH] of

Char; IconIndex: Integer; HotKey: Word; ShowCommand: Integer; FindData: TWIN32FINDDATA; end

; procedure

GetLinkInfo(lpShellLinkInfoStruct: PShellLinkInfoStruct); var

ShellLink: IShellLink; PersistFile: IPersistFile; AnObj: IUnknown; begin

// access to the two interfaces of the object AnObj := CreateComObject(CLSID_ShellLink); ShellLink := AnObj as

IShellLink; PersistFile := AnObj as

IPersistFile; // Opens the specified file and initializes an object from the file contents. PersistFile.Load(PWChar(WideString(lpShellLinkInfoStruct^.FullPathAndNameOfLinkFile)), 0); with

ShellLink do


// Retrieves the path and file name of a Shell link object. GetPath(lpShellLinkInfoStruct^.FullPathAndNameOfFileToExecute, SizeOf(lpShellLinkInfoStruct^.FullPathAndNameOfLinkFile), lpShellLinkInfoStruct^.FindData, SLGP_UNCPRIORITY); // Retrieves the description string for a Shell link object. GetDescription(lpShellLinkInfoStruct^.Description, SizeOf(lpShellLinkInfoStruct^.Description)); // Retrieves the command-line arguments associated with a Shell link object. GetArguments(lpShellLinkInfoStruct^.ParamStringsOfFileToExecute, SizeOf(lpShellLinkInfoStruct^.ParamStringsOfFileToExecute)); // Retrieves the name of the working directory for a Shell link object. GetWorkingDirectory(lpShellLinkInfoStruct^.FullPathAndNameOfWorkingDirectroy, SizeOf(lpShellLinkInfoStruct^.FullPathAndNameOfWorkingDirectroy)); // Retrieves the location (path and index) of the icon for a Shell link object. GetIconLocation(lpShellLinkInfoStruct^.FullPathAndNameOfFileContiningIcon, SizeOf(lpShellLinkInfoStruct^.FullPathAndNameOfFileContiningIcon), lpShellLinkInfoStruct^.IconIndex); // Retrieves the hot key for a Shell link object. GetHotKey(lpShellLinkInfoStruct^.HotKey); // Retrieves the show (SW_) command for a Shell link object. GetShowCmd(lpShellLinkInfoStruct^.ShowCommand); end

; end

; procedure

TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); const

br = #13#10; var

LinkInfo: TShellLinkInfoStruct; s: string

; begin

FillChar(LinkInfo, SizeOf(LinkInfo), #0); LinkInfo.FullPathAndNameOfLinkFile := 'C:WINNTProfilesuserDesktopFileName.lnk'; GetLinkInfo(@LinkInfo); with

LinkInfo do

s := FullPathAndNameOfLinkFile + br + FullPathAndNameOfFileToExecute + br + ParamStringsOfFileToExecute + br + FullPathAndNameOfWorkingDirectroy + br + Description + br + FullPathAndNameOfFileContiningIcon + br + IntToStr(IconIndex) + br + IntToStr(LoByte(HotKey)) + br + IntToStr(HiByte(HotKey)) + br + IntToStr(ShowCommand) + br + FindData.cFileName + br + FindData.cAlternateFileName; Memo1.Lines.Add(s); end


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