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Copyright © 1999 by Delphi 5 Developer's Guide - Xavier Pacheco and Steve Teixeira


MainFrm; interface


Windows, Messages, SysUtils, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms, Dialogs, StdCtrls, FileCtrl, Grids, Outline, DirOutln; type

TMainForm = class

(TForm) dcbDrives: TDriveComboBox; edtFileMask: TEdit; lblFileMask: TLabel; btnSearchForFiles: TButton; lbFiles: TListBox; dolDirectories: TDirectoryOutline; procedure

btnSearchForFilesClick(Sender: TObject); procedure

dcbDrivesChange(Sender: TObject); private

FFileName: string

; function

GetDirectoryName(Dir: string

): string

; procedure

FindFiles(APath: string

); end

; var

MainForm: TMainForm; implementation

{$R *.DFM} function

TMainForm.GetDirectoryName(Dir: string

): string

; { This function formats the directory name so that it is a valid directory containing the back-slash () as the last character. } begin


Dir[Length(Dir)] <> '' then

Result := Dir + '' else

Result := Dir; end

; procedure

TMainForm.FindFiles(APath: string

); { This is a procedure which is called recursively so that it finds the file with a specified mask through the current directory and its sub-directories. } var

FSearchRec, DSearchRec: TSearchRec; FindResult: integer; function

IsDirNotation(ADirName: string

): Boolean; begin

Result := (ADirName = '.') or

(ADirName = '..'); end

; begin

APath := GetDirectoryName(APath); // Obtain a valid directory name { Find the first occurrence of the specified file name } FindResult := FindFirst(APath + FFileName, faAnyFile + faHidden + faSysFile + faReadOnly, FSearchRec); try

{ Continue to search for the files according to the specified mask. If found, add the files and their paths to the listbox.} while

FindResult = 0 do


lbFiles.Items.Add(LowerCase(APath + FSearchRec.Name)); FindResult := FindNext(FSearchRec); end

; { Now search the sub-directories of this current directory. Do this by using FindFirst to loop through each subdirectory, then call FindFiles (this function) again. This recursive process will continue until all sub-directories have been searched. } FindResult := FindFirst(APath + '*.*', faDirectory, DSearchRec); while

FindResult = 0 do



((DSearchRec.Attr and

faDirectory) = faDirectory) and


IsDirNotation(DSearchRec.Name) then

FindFiles(APath + DSearchRec.Name); // Recursion here FindResult := FindNext(DSearchRec); end

; finally

FindClose(FSearchRec); end

; end

; procedure

TMainForm.btnSearchForFilesClick(Sender: TObject); { This method starts the searching process. It first changes the cursor to an hourglass since the process may take awhile. It then clears the listbox and calls the FindFiles() function which will be called recursively to search through sub-directories } begin

Screen.Cursor := crHourGlass; try

lbFiles.Items.Clear; FFileName := edtFileMask.Text; FindFiles(dolDirectories.Directory); finally

Screen.Cursor := crDefault; end

; end

; procedure

TMainForm.dcbDrivesChange(Sender: TObject); begin

dolDirectories.Drive := dcbDrives.Drive; end

; end


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