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  Create and edit a new text file in your project directory, 
  eg: newres.txt 

  In the file, write: 

  MY_BMP_RES BITMAP "bmpname.bmp" 

  and save the file. 

  Open a dos shell and go to your directory, type this command: 

  brcc32.exe newres.txt 

  this will create a resource file called newres.res with your bitmap. 


Unit1; implementation

{$R *.DFM} {$R newres.res} // add this line! procedure

TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject); var

MyBmp: TBitmap; begin

MyBmp := TBitmap.Create; try

MyBmp.LoadFromResourceName(HInstance, 'MY_BMP_RES'); // Do something.... finally

MyBmp.Free; end

; end


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