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dgPackParadoxTable(Tbl: TTable; Db: TDatabase): DBIResult; { Packs a Paradox table by calling the BDE DbiDoRestructure function. The TTable passed as the first parameter must be closed. The TDatabase passed as the second parameter must be connected. } var

TblDesc: CRTblDesc; begin

Result := DBIERR_NA; FillChar(TblDesc, SizeOf(CRTblDesc), 0); StrPCopy(TblDesc.szTblName, Tbl.TableName); TblDesc.bPack := True

; Result := DbiDoRestructure(Db.Handle, 1, @TblDesc, nil

, nil

, nil

, False

); end

; function

dgPackDbaseTable(Tbl: TTable): DBIResult; { Pack a dBASE table by calling DbiPackTable. The table passed as a parameter will be opened if it isn't open. } begin

Result := DBIERR_NA; if

Tbl.Active = False


Tbl.Open; Result := DbiPackTable(Tbl.DBHandle, Tbl.Handle, nil

, nil

, True

); end


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