Изменить экранный курсор без необходимости возвращать предыдущий

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// By implementing Interface we can set the cursor without restore it in the end. 
// Example: In convensional way... 

Cur: TCursor; begin

Cur := Screen.Cursor; Screen.Cursor := crSQLWait; //do coding here //What happend is that if your code did not finish, the screen cursor will //remain as crSQLWait.. even with try..finally block (sometimes) Screen.Cursor := Cur; end

; // By using interface, we can implement as follows type

ImyCursor = interface

[(GUID - Ctrl - Shift - G)] end

; TmyCursor = class

(TInterfacedObjects, ImyCursor); private

FCursor: TCursor; public


Create; destructor

Destroy; override

; end

; implementation

TmyCursor.Create; begin

FCursor := Screen.Cursor; end

; TmyCursor.Destroy; begin

Screen.Cursor := FCursor; inherited

; end

; procedure


C: ImyCursor; begin

C := TmyCursor.Create; Screen.Curosr := crSQLWait; // whatever cursor you like // Do coding here without worring to free it. // Screen Cursor will restore when the TMyCursor object get out of scope. end


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