Включить изображение курсора в снимок экрана

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// 1. Get the handle to the current mouse-cursor and its position 

GetCursorInfo2: TCursorInfo; var

hWindow: HWND; pt: TPoint; pIconInfo: TIconInfo; dwThreadID, dwCurrentThreadID: DWORD; begin

Result.hCursor := 0; ZeroMemory(@Result, SizeOf(Result)); // Find out which window owns the cursor if

GetCursorPos(pt) then


Result.ptScreenPos := pt; hWindow := WindowFromPoint(pt); if

IsWindow(hWindow) then


// Get the thread ID for the cursor owner. dwThreadID := GetWindowThreadProcessId(hWindow, nil

); // Get the thread ID for the current thread dwCurrentThreadID := GetCurrentThreadId; // If the cursor owner is not us then we must attach to // the other thread in so that we can use GetCursor() to // return the correct hCursor if

(dwCurrentThreadID <> dwThreadID) then



AttachThreadInput(dwCurrentThreadID, dwThreadID, True) then


// Get the handle to the cursor Result.hCursor := GetCursor; AttachThreadInput(dwCurrentThreadID, dwThreadID, False); end

; end



Result.hCursor := GetCursor; end

; end

; end

; end

; // 2. Capture the screen function

CaptureScreen: TBitmap; var

DC: HDC; ABitmap: TBitmap; MyCursor: TIcon; CursorInfo: TCursorInfo; IconInfo: TIconInfo; begin

// Capture the Desktop screen DC := GetDC(GetDesktopWindow); ABitmap := TBitmap.Create; try

ABitmap.Width := GetDeviceCaps(DC, HORZRES); ABitmap.Height := GetDeviceCaps(DC, VERTRES); // BitBlt on our bitmap BitBlt(ABitmap.Canvas.Handle, 0, 0, ABitmap.Width, ABitmap.Height, DC, 0, 0, SRCCOPY); // Create temp. Icon MyCursor := TIcon.Create; try

// Retrieve Cursor info CursorInfo := GetCursorInfo2; if

CursorInfo.hCursor <> 0 then


MyCursor.Handle := CursorInfo.hCursor; // Get Hotspot information GetIconInfo(CursorInfo.hCursor, IconInfo); // Draw the Cursor on our bitmap ABitmap.Canvas.Draw(CursorInfo.ptScreenPos.X - IconInfo.xHotspot, CursorInfo.ptScreenPos.Y - IconInfo.yHotspot, MyCursor); end

; finally

// Clean up MyCursor.ReleaseHandle; MyCursor.Free; end

; finally

ReleaseDC(GetDesktopWindow, DC); end

; Result := ABitmap; end

; // Example: Capture the screen and include the cursor. // Show the Screenshot in Image1 procedure

TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); begin

Image1.Picture.Assign(CaptureScreen); end


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