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  1. Если ты посто полезешь из программы куда-то по IP - то Win сама начнет dial-up, если у нее есть хотя бы одно connection в Remote Access.
  2. Если ты хочешь, чтобы программа сама выбирала connection (если их имеется несколько), контролировала набор номера, посылала login и пароль, то тебе нужно воспользоваться функциями RAS.
{  Try to establish RAS connection with specified name. EntryName -
   an entry in default phonebook to be used for dial-up. Notes:
a) This call is synchronous (i.e. will not return until the connection
   is established or failed) and hence, may take some time
   (sometimes tens of seconds).
b) The function uses no dial extension, and uses default phonebook.  }



EntryName: string

): Boolean; var

dwRet: Dword; DialParams: TRasDialParams; hRas: HRASCONN; bPwd: Boolean; // was the password retrieved begin

uLastErr := 0; // Prepare dial parameters FillChar(DialParams, SizeOf(DialParams), 0); DialParams.dwSize := SizeOf(DialParams); StrPLCopy(@(DialParams.szEntryName[0]), EntryName, SizeOf(DialParams.szEntryName)); hRas := 0; // must do that before calling RasDial // Try to retrieve user name/passowrd. // We continue even if RasGetEntryDialParams returns error, because // in next call RasDial will just try with empty user name/password bPwd := False

; RasGetEntryDialParams(nil

, @DialParams, bPwd); // Call RAS API. In this particular case RasDial will not return until // the connections is established or failed to establish. dwRet := RasDial(nil

, nil

, // no dial extensions, default phonebook @DialParams, 0, // ignored here nil

, // do not use callback - the call is synch hRas); // receives connection handle Result := dwRet = 0; // Connection failed... if not Result then begin // In some cases hRas may be non-zero and the connection port // is still opened. It is a Windows semi-bug/semi-feature. // So I must try to close if

hRas <> 0 then

RasHangupConnection(hRas); // RasHangup may reset uLastErr, but we need the value // returned from RasDial uLastErr := dwRet; end

; end


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