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The setup program for Imaging (tool that ships with Windows > 98) installs the Image
Scan control (OCX) and the 32-bit TWAIN DLLs.

All you have to do is to import this ActiveX control in Delphi and generate a component wrapper:

Import the ActiveX Control "Kodak Image Scan Control" (Select Component|Import ActiveX Control...)
Now add a TImgScan Component from the Register "ActiveX" to your form.

Change the following Properties in the Object Inspector:
FileType = 3 - BMP_Bitmap PageOption = 4 - OverwritePages ScanTo = 2 - FileOnly

Das Setup Programm fьr Imaging (Ist bei Windows > 98 dabei) installiert das Bild Scanning Control (OCX) und die 32-bit TWAIN DLLs.

Importiere das ActiveX-Control "Steuerung fьr Kodak-Bildscan".

(Im Menь Komponente, "ActiveX importieren" anklicken.)
Dann "Steuerung fьr Kodak-Bildscan..." auswдhlen und den "Installieren..." Button anklicken.

Fьge nun eine "TImgScan" Komponente aus dem Register "ActiveX" auf dem Formular ein.

Дndere im Objektinspektor unter "ImgScan1" folgende Eigenschaften:
FileType = 3 - BMP_Bitmap PageOption = 4 - OverwritePages ScanTo = 2 - FileOnly



TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); begin


imgScan1.ScannerAvailable then


imgScan1.Image := 'c:Scanner.bmp'; imgScan1.OpenScanner; imgScan1.Zoom := 100; imgScan1.StartScan; Application.ProcessMessages; finally

imgScan1.CloseScanner; { Show the scanned image in Image1 } imgScan1.Picture.LoadFromFile(Image1.Image); end

; end


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