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 You will need an image, called ImageSprite, containing a sprite bitmap with 
 black as the background (the transparent part). You will also need an image, 
 called ImageMask, containing a black silouette of the sprite with white as the 
 background and an Image called ImageBackground containing the background 
 image. All these images are set to visible := false. Image1 is the image you 
 will see and is the same size as the background image. 

 // Global variables 

Form1: TForm1; x, y, xvel, yvel, xold, yold: integer; implementation

{$R *.dfm} procedure

TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var

ARect: TRect; // Destination/Source rectangles begin

// Initialize sprites position/velocity x := 0; y := 0; xvel := 2; yvel := 2; xold := 0; yold := 0; // copy background to the image ARect := Rect(0, 0, ImageBackground.Width, ImageBackground.Height); with

Image1.Canvas do


CopyMode := cmSrcCopy; CopyRect(ARect, ImageBackground.Canvas, ARect); end

; // start animation Timer1.Enabled := True; end

; procedure

TForm1.Timer1Timer(Sender: TObject); var

Dest, Sour: TRect; // Destination/Source rectangles begin

// Erase sprite from old position Sour := Rect(xold, yold, xold + ImageMask.Width, yold + ImageMask.Height); with

Image1.Canvas do


CopyMode := cmSrcCopy; CopyRect(Sour, ImageBackground.Canvas, Sour); end

; // Draw new sprite Sour := Rect(0, 0, ImageMask.Width, ImageMask.Height); Dest := Rect(x, y, x + ImageMask.Width, y + ImageMask.Height); with

Image1.Canvas do


// Place mask onto image CopyMode := cmSrcAnd; CopyRect(Dest, ImageMask.Canvas, Sour); // Place sprite into mask CopyMode := cmSrcPaint; CopyRect(Dest, ImageSprite.Canvas, Sour); end

; { if multiple sprites are being used, then erase them all before drawing them all. Do not erase and draw each sprite in turn } // store sprites old position before updating xold := x; yold := y; // Update sprites position (equations to describe movement of sprite) Inc(x, xvel); Inc(y, yvel); if

x >= ImageBackground.Width then

x := -ImageMask.Width; if

y >= ImageBackground.Height then

y := -ImageMask.Height; end


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