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  I want to combine 2 icons like Windows does with 
  the links (the small arrow). 
  Can anyone tell me how that works? 


CombineIcons(FrontIcon, BackIcon: HIcon): HIcon; var

WinDC: HDC; FrontInfo: TIconInfo; FrontDC: HDC; FrontSv: HBITMAP; BackInfo: TIconInfo; BackDC: HDC; BackSv: HBITMAP; BmpObj: tagBitmap; begin

WinDC := GetDC(0); GetIconInfo(FrontIcon, FrontInfo); FrontDC := CreateCompatibleDC(WinDC); FrontSv := SelectObject(FrontDC, FrontInfo.hbmMask); GetIconInfo(BackIcon, BackInfo); BackDC := CreateCompatibleDC(WinDC); BackSv := SelectObject(BackDC, BackInfo.hbmMask); GetObject(FrontInfo.hbmMask, SizeOf(BmpObj), @BmpObj); BitBlt(BackDC, 0,0,BmpObj.bmWidth, BmpObj.bmHeight, FrontDC, 0,0,SRCAND); SelectObject(BackDC, BackInfo.hbmColor); DrawIconEx(BackDC, 0,0,FrontIcon, 0,0,0,0,DI_NORMAL); Result := CreateIconIndirect(BackInfo); SelectObject(FrontDC, FrontSv); DeleteDC(FrontDC); SelectObject(BackDC, BackSv); DeleteDC(BackDC); ReleaseDC(0,WinDC); DeleteObject(FrontInfo.hbmColor); DeleteObject(FrontInfo.hbmMask); DeleteObject(BackInfo.hbmColor); DeleteObject(BackInfo.hbmMask); end

; // Remember: The icon created with this function must be destroyed with // DestroyIcon() function when finished using it.

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