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Copyright © 1999 by Delphi 5 Developer's Guide - Xavier Pacheco and Steve Teixeira

cbdata; interface


SysUtils, Windows, clipbrd; const

DDGData = 'CF_DDG'; // constant for registering the clipboard format. type

// Record data to be stored to the clipboard TDataRec = packed


LName: string

[10]; FName: string

[10]; MI: string

[2]; Age: Integer; BirthDate: TDateTime; end

; { Define an object around the TDataRec that contains the methods for copying and pasting the data to and from the clipboard } TData = class


Rec: TDataRec; procedure

CopyToClipBoard; procedure

GetFromClipBoard; end

; var

CF_DDGDATA: word; // Receives the return value of RegisterClipboardFormat(). implementation


TData.CopyToClipBoard; { This function copies the contents of the TDataRec field, Rec, to the clipboard as both binary data, as text. Both formats will be available from the clipboard } const

CRLF = #13#10; var

Data: THandle; DataPtr: Pointer; TempStr: string

[50]; begin

// Allocate SizeOf(TDataRec) bytes from the heap Data := GlobalAlloc(GMEM_MOVEABLE, SizeOf(TDataRec)); try

// Obtain a pointer to the first byte of the allocated memory DataPtr := GlobalLock(Data); try

// Move the data in Rec to the memory block Move(Rec, DataPtr^, SizeOf(TDataRec)); { Clipboard.Open must be called if multiple clipboard formats are being copied to the clipboard at once. Otherwise, if only one format is being copied the call isn't necessary } ClipBoard.Open; try

// First copy the data as its custom format ClipBoard.SetAsHandle(CF_DDGDATA, Data); // Now copy the data as text format with

Rec do

TempStr := FName + CRLF + LName + CRLF + MI + CRLF + IntToStr(Age) + CRLF + DateTimeToStr(BirthDate); ClipBoard.AsText := TempStr; { If a call to Clipboard.Open is made you must match it with a call to Clipboard.Close } finally

Clipboard.Close end

; finally

// Unlock the globally allocated memory GlobalUnlock(Data); end

; except

{ A call to GlobalFree is required only if an exception occurs. Otherwise, the clipboard takes over managing any allocated memory to it.} GlobalFree(Data); raise

; end

; end

; procedure

TData.GetFromClipBoard; { This method pastes memory saved in the clipboard if it is of the format CF_DDGDATA. This data is stored in the TDataRec field of this object. } var

Data: THandle; DataPtr: Pointer; Size: Integer; begin

// Obtain a handle to the clipboard Data := ClipBoard.GetAsHandle(CF_DDGDATA); if

Data = 0 then

Exit; // Obtain a pointer to the memory block referred to by Data DataPtr := GlobalLock(Data); try

// Obtain the size of the data to retrieve if

SizeOf(TDataRec) > GlobalSize(Data) then

Size := GlobalSize(Data) else

Size := SizeOf(TDataRec); // Copy the data to the TDataRec field Move(DataPtr^, Rec, Size) finally

// Free the pointer to the memory block. GlobalUnlock(Data); end

; end

; initialization

// Register the custom clipboard format CF_DDGDATA := RegisterClipBoardFormat(DDGData); end


Copyright © 1999 by Delphi 5 Developer's Guide - Xavier Pacheco and Steve Teixeira


MainFrm; interface


SysUtils, WinTypes, WinProcs, Messages, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms, Dialogs, StdCtrls, clipbrd, Mask, ComCtrls; type

TMainForm = class

(TForm) edtFirstName: TEdit; edtLastName: TEdit; edtMI: TEdit; btnCopy: TButton; btnPaste: TButton; meAge: TMaskEdit; btnClear: TButton; lblFirstName: TLabel; lblLastName: TLabel; lblMI: TLabel; lblAge: TLabel; lblBirthDate: TLabel; memAsText: TMemo; lblCustom: TLabel; lblText: TLabel; dtpBirthDate: TDateTimePicker; procedure

btnCopyClick(Sender: TObject); procedure

btnPasteClick(Sender: TObject); procedure

btnClearClick(Sender: TObject); end

; var

MainForm: TMainForm; implementation


cbdata; {$R *.DFM} procedure

TMainForm.btnCopyClick(Sender: TObject); // This method copies the data in the form's controls onto the clipboard var

DataObj: TData; begin

DataObj := TData.Create; try


DataObj.Rec do


FName := edtFirstName.Text; LName := edtLastName.Text; MI := edtMI.Text; Age := StrToInt(meAge.Text); BirthDate := dtpBirthDate.Date; DataObj.CopyToClipBoard; end

; finally

DataObj.Free; end

; end

; procedure

TMainForm.btnPasteClick(Sender: TObject); { This method pastes CF_DDGDATA formatted data from the clipboard to the form's controls. The text version of this data is copied to the form's TMemo component. } var

DataObj: TData; begin


); DataObj := TData.Create; try

// Check if the CF_DDGDATA format is available if

ClipBoard.HasFormat(CF_DDGDATA) then

// Copy the CF_DDGDATA formatted data to the form's controls with

DataObj.Rec do


DataObj.GetFromClipBoard; edtFirstName.Text := FName; edtLastName.Text := LName; edtMI.Text := MI; meAge.Text := IntToStr(Age); dtpBirthDate.Date := BirthDate; end

; finally

DataObj.Free; end

; // Now copy the text version of the data to form's TMemo component. if

ClipBoard.HasFormat(CF_TEXT) then

memAsText.PasteFromClipBoard; end

; procedure

TMainForm.btnClearClick(Sender: TObject); var

i: integer; begin

// Clear the contents of all controls on the form for

i := 0 to

ComponentCount - 1 do


Components[i] is

TCustomEdit then

TCustomEdit(Components[i]).Text := ''; end

; end


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